About Me

Annilee Newton a Houston-based writer and teacher. She earned her MFA in Nonfiction Creative Writing from Lesley University the Spring of 2020 as the coronavirus raged across the world. Her writing has appeared in the anthology Family Stories from the Attic by Hidden Timber Press, The Dirty Spoon, and in the 2020 issue of the Sierra Nevada Review.

Annilee’s nonfiction manuscript The Sense of Place explores identity and coming of age through the lens of food, place, and relationships. Starting with the “Pomegranate Premise” and ending with “Peppers,” The Sense of Place explores learning and personal growth through a series of memories formed around specific tastes. The Sierra Nevada Review published “Oranges,” an essay from the manuscript.

Annilee has taught high school English in the Houston Independent School District for a decade and will soon take on the challenge of teaching French as well. You can enter her virtual classroom over at her teaching website, Newton the Teacher. There, you will find her Coronavirus Teaching Blog and her research multigenre projects used as model texts for students.