Window of Cluttered Glass

Adelaide Ransome’s world is turned upside down when her mother disappears on a research trip the summer before her sophomore year. Adelaide moves to the remote island of Cully to attend the prestigious Bridgetown Academy on an art scholarship. As Adelaide tries to build a new life in the shadow of her mother’s unexplained absence, she begins to fall in love with Cully: the wildness of woods, the remnants of the lost Ewen tribes who once lived there, and the local legend of a witch who steals souls and preserves them in a stained glass window.  

On the night of the Harvest Festival, Adelaide runs into the dark woods, followed by Roland, a classmate who knows more about Adelaide than he should. Together they must find their way back home through beautiful and dangerous landscapes of the Witch’s Cully, a landscape that remembers the ghosts and bloodshed of the Ewen and the Wilkish settlers, a legacy that belongs to both Roland and Adelaide in different ways.

currently querying agents

Young Adult Fantasy

Woods, Witches, and Dark Academia

about 58,000 words

Photo by Jakub Pierożyński
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