Sense of Taste

Sense of Taste is a collection of essays about identity, memory, food, and the ways these different strands intersect. I grapple with making meaning from the raw messiness of my relationships with others, myself, and my culture. Each essay and each recipe is an experiment driven by the hypothesis that understanding how my hungers have defined me. This process of discovery explores narratives derived from experience and myth, perceptions from the spectrum of sensation, recipes I use to feed myself, and the ways these disparate elements led to the construction of my world.

Essays from this manuscript have been published in the creative nonfiction anthology Family Stories from the Attic edited by Christi Craig and Lisa Rivero and the Sierra Nevada Review. They have also been adapted into podcast episodes for The Dirty Spoon and PenDust Radio.

Creative Nonfiction Essays

Food and Identity

about 48,000 words

Photo by Philippe Gauthier
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