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I taught English in Houston area public schools for a decade before moving to Austin. Early on in my teaching career, I was introduced to the instructional theorists like Jerome Bruner and Lev Vygotsky, and the applied neuroscience of David Sousa. Thanks to this immersion, I depended a lot on model texts. My students wrote a lot, and I wrote what they wrote, and everybody learned.

Here are a few examples:

-A post-Covid blog post that discusses the importance of navigating successfully between the abstract and concrete.

-Another post that emphasizes the benefits for writers and creators who steal like shameless magpies.

-A pre-Covid process blog I created for a multigenre research project on the French artist Madame Vig​ée Lebrun

-A during Covid post where I taught characterization through music videos remotely for the very first time

-A model text for critical writing on Proust and memory

Teaching Blog and Model Texts

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from 2010-2021

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