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Cupboard Sundries began as a collaborative Houston food blog in 2011 between me and few friends and quickly evolved into just me writing about whatever I wanted as my coauthors found other interests and cities to immerse themselves in. Cupboard Sundries became my first real adult writing project. In other words, it was the first time I made something without external deadlines attached since I was a child. At the time, I thought of the blog as my personal laboratory where I could experiment with words and ingredients, where failures only existed as learning opportunities.

In 2017, I stopped writing the blog, took down the website, and started applying to MFA programs. I was terrified that somebody would find some old words of mine and slash my name from an important list somewhere. But now, even though my YA fantasy manuscript is currently out there in the world, and I once again find my work vulnerable to the slashing of others, I am no longer terrified. Instead I am comforted by the evidence that I have grown and continue to grow.

Here are a few vintage unedited Cupboard Sundries posts and recipes.

Our Salad Days” from June of 2013, where I get very excited about a watermelon and feta salad, Shakespeare, and watercolor illustration.

“Tea Brack” from October of 2015, where my Irish friend’s mother gives me a recipe for a traditional Halloween cake.

“Chicken and Dumplings” from 2017, where I never talk about what I’m trying to talk about, which is the experience of attending my older brother’s funeral in Kansas.

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Photo by Marion Botella
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